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Typekit fonts

Visualize git on the command line

Git based GUIs (SourceTree, Tower, etc.) have nice tree views for Git's history. It's not hard to setup the same sort of visualization on the command line.

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Typekit fonts

Loading TypeKit with jQuery

If you’re already using jQuery on your website and you want to use the advanced TypeKit (async) script, then you can save a few bytes when loading TypeKit by using jQuery. Replace the code generated by TypeKit with the following script which follows the Font events asynchronous pattern.

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Screenshot for ACS Next Design

ACS Next

Our new design for ACS is almost ready. We've simplified navigation. It works across a multitude of devices thanks to responsive CSS. We've made it easier than ever to manage your account. We've designed a sleek modern website that look stunning but knows when to get out of the way.

Screenshot for ACS 2012 Strategic Plan

ACS 2012 Strategic Plan

Joanna designed this beutiful single page site for the ACS strategic plan. While the site supports IE6, it's georgeous on modern browsers and sports subtle CSS3 animated elements. Please also check the responsive design on your mobile device.